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The redelineation exercise initiated by the Election Commission, to redraw the boundaries of our Parliament and DUN seats due to development and population growth has started this year in Sarawak, but if not done properly, it could be manipulated to favour certain parties in the election, with gerrymandering and malapportionment.

However, if you feel that your area’s boundaries has been unfairly redrawn, you can voice out by becoming an objector. The Delineation Action and Research Team (DART), an initative started by Bersih 2.0 and ENGAGE, is asking for Malaysians to sign up and become an objector so that you can be aware when the redelineation exercise happens and you can part of the 100 voters that will stand to object new maps if they were redrawn without reason

Once you sign up, Bersih will contact you to obtain your signature and brief you on details and reasons of objection.

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Redelineation at a glance:-

Redelineation or delimitation is the drawing of boundaries in the context of elections in order to prevent imbalance of voting population across polling districts. The Election Commission of Malaysia (EC) has the power to conduct the exercise as provided under the Federal Constitution. The exercise will start when the EC publishes in the Gazette and newspaper(s) where their proposed boundaries may be viewed in each of the affected constituencies. Before that the EC will inform the Prime Minister and Speaker of Dewan Rakyat of their intention to start the process. However, proposed recommendations can  be objected by any State government, local authority or groups of 100 or more affected voters in the constituency whose names are on the current electoral rolls.

Learn more about redelineation HERE now!

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