Global Bersih Launches Global Solidarity Movement In Support Of BERSIH 4.0 Rally In Malaysia

GENEVA, 29 July 2015 – Global Bersih, a Geneva-based international NGO network of Malaysian diaspora residing around the world, today launched a global solidarity movement in support of the recently announced Bersih 4.0 rally in Malaysia.

Amid one of the greatest multi-billion dollar corruption scandals in Malaysia’s history and the government’s most oppressive crackdowns on free speech, Global Bersih will organize a series of worldwide rallies to coincide with the Bersih 4.0 rally happening on 29-30 August 2015.

The Global Bersih rallies will echo the demands of Bersih 4.0, which are:

Clean Elections (#PilihanrayaBersih);
Clean Government (#KerajaanBersih);
Save Our Economy (#SelamatkanEkonomi); and
Right to Dissent (#HakMembantah).

Global Bersih President, Colin Rajah residing in San Francisco, U.S.A., stated, “Global Bersih is appalled that ongoing investigations into the 1Malaysia Development Berhard (1MDB) multi-billion dollar scandal have been halted following the sudden removal of Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail, and the overnight appointment of four Public Accounts Committee (PAC) members into the Cabinet,”

He went on to assert, “We condemn the sudden changes in the government, as well as the blocking of access to the Sarawak Report and suspension of The Edge news publication, as a means to silence whistle-blowers and prevent the truth from being exposed.”

Referring to allegations that 1MDB funds have been used to finance the ruling party Barisan Nasional’s electoral campaigns, Global Bersih Secretary Bala Chelliah residing in Geneva, Switzerland stated, “This is a clear breach of Malaysian campaign financing laws, and we call into question the legitimacy of the ruling party’s status quo as a result.”

Global Bersih Steering Committee member, Yolanda Augustin, residing in London, U.K., expressed, “Global Bersih views this as a gross misappropriation of power by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who is allegedly implicated in the 1MDB saga, and we stand by Bersih 2.0’s call that he should step aside pending the investigation.”  Augustin explained further, “We want to send a clear and loud message that we have lost confidence in the Malaysian Cabinet and government agencies following serial abuses of power.”

Global Bersih stands by the principles of clean and fair procedures and process, and will respond to the recent developments by showing our presence across the globe on 29-30 August, and by demanding that our electoral process as well as our government, should be clean, fair and accountable.

Rajah explains, “We may live and work abroad, but our hearts are always with Malaysia. We cannot bear to stand by while injustices continue to take place with impunity. We call on the entire Malaysia diaspora to show our support and solidarity with our friends and families back home who are fighting for democratic reforms,”

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us at
Global Bersih

35 Rue du Rothschild

1202 Geneva


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16 Thoughts to “Global Bersih Launches Global Solidarity Movement In Support Of BERSIH 4.0 Rally In Malaysia”

  1. Chai Loo

    Malaysians all over the world are sadden by this sudden turn of event
    happening in Malaysia. Many people will turn up to support Bersih 4 .
    Kindly keep me inform of the Bersih 4 venue in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks you.

  2. Viji Krishnamoorthy

    Is there going to be any rally in London on the 29or 30th August?

    1. Bersih Auckland

      Hello Viji, yes there is on the 29th. Here is the master list:

      London is here:

  3. Tony

    Where and when Bersih 4 for San Francisco? Wish to join this time!

  4. Ginette

    Hi. Please confirm rally in London please as returnin from Europe to attend. Cheers

  5. Khun James

    where is the place for bangkok.

    1. Bersih Auckland

      Khun, please see here:
      Please do NOT wear yellow for safety reasons. This will be a very private gathering.

  6. Isaac

    I love Malaysia. I am fine in Melbourne but my heart is in my motherland malaysia.

  7. Kan, A.

    Being Malaysian is an attribute I want forever, even as there are ethnic quarters and religious bigots who insist that Malaysian Chinese are less, or not, Malaysian.

    Being Malaysian is also a bewildering social phenomenon, where the confusion arises as to whether a Malaysian’s support for the People’s Justice Party and Democratic Action Party disqualifies that Malaysian’s national identity. This is because the story of Malaysia is woven with Umno, MCA and MIC threads. It appears that an independent Malaya would not have come into being without Umno. August 31 marks that independence attained in 1957, and for decades, Malaysians are led to commemorate Malaya’s birthday, not Malaysia’s. September 16, 1963 is a date given little or no celebration. The Malaysian people can only speculate, very quietly, what the taboo is about: is it because the date coincides with Lee Kuan Yew’s fortieth birthday, or is it because the partnership of Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak with Malaya is a pact best forgotten?

    A Malaysian story woven with Barisan Nasional threads will show that Singapore fell away from Malaysia, that the island was a troublemaker, and that a great Malaysia could not keep her. This version is as familiar as it is inaccurate. The truth is, Malaysia was a new nation, newer than Malaya, and consisted of fourteen equal entities. Sarawak was never to be a vassal state, subservient to Umno interests. Without Sabah, there would be no such thing as Malaysia. In the same way, Singapore was as Malaysian as any of the fourteen states. Lee Kuan Yew, head of government in the state of Singapore at that time should be today recalled not as Chinese, but as Malaysian, a Malaysian kicked out of Malaysia because he refused to bend to Umno’s racially-divisive governance. The ruling parties (Umno, MCA and MIC) in effect created an independent Singapore. To isolate Lee Kuan Yew and his influential People’s Action Party, Umno ripped Singapore out of the nation. So, technically, without Singapore, how is Malaysia still Malaysia?

    Think this through mathematically. The fourteen states = Malaysia. Take any one state away, and Malaysia becomes decommissioned. The Umno-MCA-MIC Perikatan, in its quest to hold on to power and prevent Malaysians from voting the People’s Action Party into federal office, sabotaged the Malaysian project by ejecting one of its constituent parts. Perikatan (which today goes by the fancier name Barisan Nasional) committed sedition, in the plainest terms.

    No party has the right to tamper with Malaysia. Malaysia has a territorial integrity that should not have been compromised. Perikatan’s ousting of a state of Malaysia betrayed the Malaysian nation and flouted Malaysia’s territorial integrity. How can we as Malaysians afford to support Barisan Nasional when it has no respect for laws and principles?

    With what they have done, Umno, MCA and MIC have shown that they are less than Malaysian. So, if Malaysians choose in the coming elections not to support these parties, are the national identities and citizenship of these voters to be called into question? No, definitely not. Barisan Nasional people convey the idea that a vote for the Democratic Action Party (the continuation of the People’s Action Party in the peninsula) is countertraditional and destabilising. This is hilarious. If corruption, violence and national betrayal are Barisan Nasional’s traditions, there is of course no logic voting in favour of BN. Malaysians will support Malaysian parties such as PKR, DAP/PAP and PSM and continue to stand with Malaysian heroes Anwar Ibrahim, Ambiga of Bersih, Lim Kit Siang, Lee Kuan Yew, Karpal Singh and Tok Guru.

    Barisan Nasional cannot hope to obscure history. Every fact is out there in broad daylight, where all can see. Malaysians are not silly, and in this era there is no way BN can turn us into stupid people.

  8. Vik Bala

    I think this movement is not all it’s cracked out to be. If a change is needed then I think the 1st priority is to UNITE the races as oppose to trying to change the electoral system. That vision does not solve the issue of race tension in Malaysia. YES we live together but one must be blind not to see the underlining tension between the races. Any uprising movement will only be effective if everyone who has a stake in the outcome are of the same creed. The results from Arab uprising, the GREEK movements and etc., shows the correlation between activist of similar same race and color. Unfortunately as Malaysian, we are seen as 3 distinct races and if we want success as one COUNTRY, we need to work as one and not just give lip service to the ONE MALAYSIA image.
    The local majority – Malays – view this movement as a way to remove UNMO thus removes their “god given right “in Malaysia to be treated differently than the other nationals. It does not help that the opposition and BERSIH spoke people on a regular basis, further enhance this fear by making stupid statements in regards to their rights. Yes, they have been given special rights by DR M, who was masterful in how he manipulated these indigenous people but if we want to make the change then we need to win them over. Without their support no change will ever materialize in Malaysia. Leader may come and go but UNMO will stay the course of corruption and ineffectiveness.
    And I do not think Anwar is the answer. He is as corrupted as the next UNMO member. By his very nature of trying to install his wife and his daughter into the political scene clearly shows how he thinks. He may have stood up to the power elite in Malaysia but he is no hero. That goes for the president of Bersih…Ambika! She seems clueless on how to unite the people. She strokes more fear then anything within the Malay population. Some time I wonder if she is a PAWN of UNMO just like how I believe Kirpal and Kit Siang were DR M pawn. Only GOD knows that truth. These 3 people say all the “right” things to make the Malays fear any opposition party. Plus I am sure DAP would love the UNMO to be in power as they know they can buy the corrupted officials and businesses to make their money. If transparency and accountability came into power as the new way in Malaysia, the DAP Chinese would not know how to manage in this new environment.
    The best thing that has happen globally that may change this course is the collapse of the oil price thus the revenue loss of the Malaysian government to buy their way into power. So I say to the BERSIH movement and any opposition change you direction and maybe you may attain the success that you all want, assuming the members of BERSIH are not PAWN of UMNO. From where I sit, you actions speak volumes as to who’s side you are on.

  9. Bersih estimated the turnout to be at least 30,000, while the official claimed there were 10,000 protesters. Yellow shirts and ribbons were used as the symbol of protest as yellow is also the colour for citizen actions worldwide and for press freedom movement.

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