2022 – GE-15 Overseas Postal Voting


20/11/2022 – Overseas Malaysians: Thank you for voting and for helping to get the votes back to Malaysia!

● A big THANK YOU from Global Bersih and Global Malaysian Network to all who contributed to the Volunteer Runners Network, and many thanks also to all the volunteers in Malaysia and around the world who did so much to make sure that overseas votes were counted in GE15. (See our ‘Thank You’ video).

Nomination-date01/11/2022 – Overseas Malaysians: make your vote count!

Overseas Malaysians in all countries will be able to vote by post in GE15. Here is all you need to do and to know: 

● UNDERSTAND HOW TO VOTE by using this Step-by-Step infographic guide.
 See the FAQ: Guide to voting for overseas Malaysians (English) BM for more information.

● CONNECT: To connect with overseas Malaysians to share information on overseas postal voting for GE-15, join our Facebook group Malaysia GE15 Overseas Postal Voting FAQ

● HELP: If you are willing to help coordinate ballots in your local area, are flying back to Malaysia between 10 -18 Nov, act as witness for other overseas voters, or can help run votes in Malaysia, please join the Malaysia GE15 Overseas Postal Voting FAQ Facebook group and sign up on this form (bit.ly/ge15volunteers). See guide for city/area coordinators.

● PUSH FOR REFORMSign the petition to improve the postal voting system so that overseas Malaysians can exercise effectively their right to vote