2nd March 2020 – Respect My Vote Campaign

Global Bersih ran a worldwide social media campaign – #RespectMyVote – to create a platform for overseas Malaysians to air their concerns and dissatisfaction about the current political situation.

The campaign was divided into 2 segments:

  1. Write to your MP – A social media campaign to encourage overseas Malaysians to write to their Members of Parliament (MPs) to express their disappointment with the constant politicking going on, and to call them to put aside their political interest for the sake of the nation.
  2. Global Bersih Micro Rallies- RESPECT OUR VOTES – Global Bersih encouraged overseas Malaysians all over the world to show solidarity with their fellow Malaysians and to voice their dissatisfaction by organising individual or small group actions and gatherings in cities all over the world, and by uploading videos and photos with placards, using the #RespectMyVote hashtag .