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FAQ Reform for GE15 Crowdfunding Campaign

Q: Who is this campaign targeted to?

A: We are appealing to the Malaysian diaspora all over the world for their donation and support.

Q:What happens to my donation ?

A: Your contribution will be used to:

  • project manage the Overseas Voting Project
  • secure a full-time staff in Malaysia as liaison and representative of Global Bersih for effective and lobbying efforts among lawmakers and   institutions
  • collect feedback from Malaysian diaspora, research and develop an  effective reform proposal-  help us make sure that there is continuity in the reform process
  • advocacy and outreach programs-  administration, travel, IT and other miscellaneous expenses

Q: If I’m in Malaysia, can I donate to GB?

A: We welcome donations and support from anyone – regardless of where you live. If you live in Malaysia, you could also support Bersih 2.0 and assist them locally.

Q: Why don’t you open a Malaysian bank account for Malaysians to donate?

A: We are in the midst of venturing into a possibility of a Malaysian bank account. We will keep you notified.

Q: Why am I being charged bank fees?

A: Think of your donation as being no different from donating to a social cause. Unfortunately you will be charged a small credit card fee, even if you donate via PayPal. There is no way around this.  International bank transfers will ALWAYS attract bank fees. We have yet to find a bank that charges zero fees.

Q: Can I donate after the campaign ends?

A: Of course you can, just find the information on our website here

Q: Will you stop fundraising after the campaign?

A: No, we will still continue to fundraise after this campaign on our website. This fundraising campaign is focused on the Overseas Electoral Reform and it takes time and resources to create real sustainable reform.

Q: Why is your currency in Swiss Franc?

A: GB is based in Geneva. Chuffed only allows the local currency of the location where the organisation bank account is based, to be used in the campaign.

Q: Why is your paid staff based in KL?

A: It is the first time that EC is engaging with GB and now there is a need for an effective lobby effort among the stakeholders in overseas voting reform in Malaysia such as the lawmakers and other CSO’s.

Please be reminded that our GB Steering Committee are all volunteers and provide their services pro-bono.

Q: Why do I need to donate to Chuffed?

A: There is a “suggested donation” to Chuffed, however, if you’d like to donate less, you can edit the amount to whichever amount you want. Do remember that Chuffed do not charge any fees to GB for the campaign. What we raise is what we get.

Other crowdfunding platforms charge a 6% service on top of your donations. Have a look at their comparison chart here

Q: If I can’t donate money, can I help in other ways?

A: Yes! Please email us at with your details, and we will be in touch.