Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of Global Bersih plays a crucial role in planning the yearly activities and campaigns for the organisation and discuss positions on any issues in Malaysia on electoral reform and good governance.

The Global Bersih’s Steering Committee holds regular meetings to collectively direct the priorities and focus of GB’s activities to empower Malaysians by lobbying for change through research, advocacy, and dialogue with stakeholders, i.e. international organisations and engagement with political parties.

The Steering Committee prepares an agenda with input from the Steering Committee and makes decisions by way of a simple majority.  of Steering Committee members elected on annual basis during the annual general meeting.

The line-up of Global Bersih Steering Committee for 2020 are listed below.

President: Bala Chelliah (Geneva, Switzerland) (on sabattical)

Acting President: Daphne d’Herve. (Paris, France)

Secretary General: Nirmala Devi Windgaetter (Dortmund, Germany)

Treasurer: Miss Linda Yeoh (Kuala Lumpur)

Steering Committee:

  • Sanjiv Gnaneswaran (London, UK)
  • Hema Preya Selvanathan (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Sharmala Rajoo (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Andrew Loh Zhu An (Boston, USA)
  • Hwa Shi Hsia (Johannesburg, South Africa)
  • Pamela Wong (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Praveen Nagappan (Melbourne, Australia)

Reminder: On 1st March 2020, Ms Daphne d’Herve had been appointed as the Acting President as Mr Bala Chelliah is away on sabbatical leave, although he is still actively consulting Global Bersih as an advisor.

Administration and Liaison Officer: Dineskumar Ragu (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)

Membership Coordinator: Pamela Wong

Website and Support: Simon Waldron (Thetford, UK)