Bersih 5

Bersih 2.0 has announced that it will hold the Bersih 5 rally on the 19th of November 2016 at Dataran Merdeka from 10am to 6pm. The meeting points are Dataran Maybank (Bangsar LRT) and Masjid Negara. Participants will walk from these two meeting points to Dataran Merdeka.

Bersih 2.0 is currently running a convoy to raise awareness about Bersih 5’s demands for institutional reforms and the severity of the 1MDB crisis. The Bersih 5 Convoy starts on the 1st of October 2016 and will run every weekend until the Bersih 5 rally on the 19th of November 2016. There will be seven convoys nationwide, starting from the North, South, East and West of Peninsula Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak. The convoy will head towards Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.

Bersih 5 Video

B5 Communication Process for City Coordinators

As we get closer to November 19th 2016, we anticipate more cities to sign up to participate.

So to help you to support City Coordinators, we have set up the suggested communication process to assist you so you know where to go to get info on B5 preparation.

  1. Please read updates that Secretariat will be sending out regularly.
  2. Please check GB Facebook page where we post useful items for CCs (
  3. Check GB website where we have set up a tab on Bersih 5 to upload necessary templates, news, information on B5 etc etc. ( This tab will updated as we firm up details.
  4. Attend GB’s B5 preparatory conference calls when notified to get updates and clarification
  5. is the GB point of contact, so you can direct your emails to her if the above 4 sources, does not provide you the answers you are looking for
  6. When all the above 5 sources do not answer your question, then contact the GB Steering Committee members based in different cities.

B5 Design Templates

  1. Bersih 5 Banner Design Template.
  2. Bersih 5 Flyer Design Template
  3. Flyers on Bersih Rally Achivements






Bersih 5 tee-shirts!

Bersih 5 T-shirt Sales Counter Info

Bersih 5 T-shirt Sales Counter Info

Bersih Sydney T-shirt


Bersih San Francisco T-shirt


Official Bersih 5 T-shirt




















Bersih 5 Convoy Main Towns/Cities

Week 1

  1. Kangar
  2. Johor Bharu
  3. Lumut
  4. Kota Bharu
  5. Tawau
  6. Miri
Week 2

  1. Alor Star
  2. Sungai Petani
  3. Kulai
  4. Teluk Intan
  5. Kuala Krai
  6. Tawau
  7. Bintulu
Week 3

  1.    Georgetown
  2.     Kluang
  3.     Sabak Bernam
  4.     Kerteh
  5.     Keningau
  6.     Sibu


Week 4

  1. Parit Buntar
  2. Batu Pahat
  3. Muar
  4. Kuala Selangor
  5. Kuantan
  6. Gua Musang
  7. Sandakan
  8. Betong
Week 5

  1. Kuala Kangsar
  2. Sungai Siput
  3. Pagoh
  4. Kapar
  5. Gambang
  6. Kudat
  7. Sri Aman
Week 6

  1. Ipoh
  2. Segamat
  3. Port Klang
  4. Temerloh
  5. Brinchang
  6. Kuala Lipis
  7. Ranau
  8. Simunjan
Week 7

  1. Tapah
  2. Bandar Melaka
  3. Shah Alam
  4. Bentong
  5. Tapah
  6. Beaufort
  7. Serian
  8. Gombak
  9. Cheras
  10. Petaling Jaya
  11. Penampang

Bersih 5 Global Locations

Click the link below to find out about the Bersih 5 solidarity rallies around the world :


Bersih 5 Twinning between Global and Malaysian Locations (Kawasan Kembar)

Goals: 1) To raise the profile of Bersih 5 events and groups throughout Malaysia (not just in the Klang Valley). 2) To create concrete ties of solidarity between Global and local Bersih groups for and beyond Bersih 5.

Setting up the Twinning: 1) Look through the list of convoy cities provided and pick a twin city/kawasan kembar. 2) Let Fadiah (GB Secretariat) know. She’ll check that the city is available and make any necessary arrangements. 3) Look through the list provided and contact the coordinator for your twin city. 4) Inform Fadiah of your group’s FB page so that GB can repost some of your updates about your twin city!

Some Examples of Possible Collective Actions for Bersih 5

  1. Cologne/Germany will make an announcement on their FB page a few days before the arrival of the convoy that they are proud to have Georgetown as their twin city.
  2. On the day the convoy arrives in Georgetown, Cologne/Germany will post a picture of themselves with a poster: Bersih Cologne welcomes Bersih 5 Convoy to Georgetown.
  3. Cologne will have a representative in Georgetown during the convoy, who will join the convoy and is bringing two items to show support and solidarity: a banner signed by Bersih 4 Cologne participants and a small replica of the Cologne Dome where Bersih 5 will take place.
  4. Live updates from Georgetown will be posted on Bersih Germany FB during the convoy.
  5. Paris/France has obtained photos and videos of the convoy flag-off in Lumut (from their own contacts and also through Global Bersih), which will be be posted on their FB page.

Bersih 5 is an opportunity for Malaysians abroad to get in touch with local Bersih 2.0 organisers (and more broadly local Malaysian civil society groups) throughtout Malaysia and see how we can help, support and learn from each other.

Some Examples of Possible Collective Actions in the Medium and Long Term

  1. Once contact has been established, twin cities could keep each other updated on (and help each other to publicise) activities on each side, perhaps at agreed-upon intervals. They could exchange information and ideas around how each group functions, discuss their respective roles in the big picture of the Bersih 2.0 movement etc. In-person meetings and discussions could happen as and when people travel.
  2. Both Cologne and Paris are planning to update their FB page with factoids about Georgetown and Lumut respectively. Some possible themes: Local activists (who are or deserve to be well-known) who made a difference in Malaysian (civil) society, e.g. Karpal Singh from Georgetown, Eric Paulsen from daerah Manjung etc. Civil society organisations such as Aliran, Consumer’s Association of Penang, KUASA (Manjung environmentalist group associated with SAM). The idea is to highlight your local (civil society) heroes and achievements, as well as problems locals are facing which may not be adequately covered by the international media. Kuantan’s twin could highlight the Lynas issue, Gua Musang’s twin (if there is one) could highlight Orang Asli issues…countless other possibilities depending on the creativity of each pair of ‘twins’… !

Cities Torch Map