What happens when you ‘kena bantah’?

What is ‘Bantahan’?

As a check against phantom voters, ordinary citizens may submit an objection or ‘bantahan‘ against a suspicious application to become a voter, such as 70 people living at one address. This is provided for under regulation 15 of the Elections (Registration of Electors) Act.

How do you know your application has been ‘dibantah’?
When you check here, your status is marked as ‘dibantah’ (objected).
What do I do if I kena bantah?
  1. Contact SPR’s office to check on the date and time of your inquiry.
  2. Find a representative (friend or family) to attend on your behalf.
  3. Equip your representative with a copy of your IC and proof of your study abroad (student card, study visa), and a utility bill for the address you have registered which is in the name of your representative.
  4. A letter from you confirming that both you and your representative live at this address.

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