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One Thought to “Video: Bersih did not lose control. (Malaysiakini)”

  1. Au Dicky

    Bersih cannot be faulted at all, because mayhem started only after Ambigai gave the instruction to disperse. With that instruction, it meant that their reason to be there has been achieved and that it was time to go home!!
    What puzzled me was why unrulyness began soon after this announcement to disperse was made….it was as if the pepetrators of mayhem were caught napping and had to push the button immediately.And have you all noticed that it was quickly declared that Bersih and Ambigai had to be responsible for the problem that followed…too quickly as if the whole episode was planned,planted, and executed by an unseen hand!!
    Datuk Ambigai, once again you have risen above the quagmire of deceit, pain and betrayal so often seen coming from the ranks of the Barisan!! God bless you!!

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