Report: Bersih 3.0 San Francisco, USA


Location: San Francisco Bay Area, USA
Time: 28 Apr, 11am -8UTC
Number of participants: 130


Initially planned for Crissy Field (last year’s location), the event had to be moved at the last minute (3 days before) due to late announcement of road closure and demolition work which would have made traffic near impossible and noise unmanageable for speeches. The organizers finally agreed on Fort Mason, upon advice by the ranger granting permit. However, the late change caused confusion and the road closure deterred some people from attending.  The event began late at 11:45am.  Colin Rajah began with welcoming everyone in Malay, Cantonese, Tamil and English. The program then began with everyone singing Negaraku.  Lim Chong Pin reminded why we need Bersih, then read Ambiga’s global statement.  Rob Leong and Lila Beckford then read the 8 original demands and 3 additional ones.  Colin reviewed what happened in KL, other Malaysian cities, and around the world.  We spent a moment of silence to honor the person killed by the police car near Sogo.  This was followed by short speeches by Malini Kumar and Weng. We then took group pictures and chanted “Bersih, Bersih”.  Finally, Chong Pin thanked the organizers and everyone who came, and we adjourned to our picnic potluck prepared by Jai Kandayah and others. We also collected donations for the Bersih movement in Malaysia.


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