Report: Bersih 3.0 Hualien, Taiwan

Location: National Dong Hwa University, Hualien, Taiwan
Time: 28 Apr, 2pm +8UTC
Number of participants: 55


2:00PM – Signing session


2:15PM – Welcoming massage and opening speech by Richard Yiap

Richard thanked the NDHU and the Taiwanese people for supporting the struggle of the Malaysian people. On behalf of the participants, he firmly declared our full support for the eight demands of Bersih, and there should not be any compromised to these demands. He concluded that without a clean and fair electoral system, our dream to have a clean, fair and caring government in Malaysia would not be realized.


2:30PM – Speak your mind session

Malaysia student 1: “I live my country—Malaysia, Lynas must leave!”

Malaysia student 2: “Because of Bersih, the Malaysian people have realized the important of democracy and unity. With our support for Bersih, we believe Malaysia will truly become a democratic country.”

Malaysia student 3: “Give us a fair election.”

Macao student: “I came here because of my friends, however, I have seen the unity of the people. I hope my friends would be able to live in a country with a clean governing system. For this, I give my full support.”

Malaysia student 4: “Stand up for own country!”

Malaysia student 5: “We have shown the power of unity of Malaysian people.”


2:50PM – Reading the Rukunegara, and singing national anthem “Negaraku”.


2:55PM – Shouting the slogan “Malaysia Boleh! Bersih!”


3:00PM – Group photos session and end.



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