Report: Bersih 3.0 Dublin, Ireland

Location: St Stephen Green Shopping Centre, Dublin, Ireland
Time: 28 Apr, 12pm +0UTC
Number of participants: 100+

The weather was beautiful through out the day. Once the crowd has gathered, we kick-start with a quick briefing and then stood up to sing the national anthem. All of us sang out our heart as passer by stopped and took pictures wondering what this is about. Our ground team explained to passer by the unfair and corruption in the EC in our country.
Next, a few of us step up to the front explaining the 8 demands that bersih has put forward to the EC. This is followed by a poem recital. After that 8 of us cut the bersih 3.0 cake. The cake is then distributed among all the supporters.
At 2pm, 8 yellow bersih balloon were released to mark the end of the event for that day.

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