MALAYSIA NOW – November 2014

Death threat stalks Global Bersih legal adviser

SURFING the web last September 11, Andrew Khoo found an anonymous death threat against him posted in a ‘hate-monger’ blog. The Malaysian Bar Council’s Human Rights Committee co-chair and Global Bersih legal adviser – who appeared before the UN’s periodic review of Malaysia last March in Geneva – says the bigger shock was finding out the threat was based on false allegations. FULL STORY

‘Allah’ books, CDs seized at KLIA

HUNDREDS of Christian books and CDs carrying references to God as ‘Allah’ are confiscated at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. FULL STORY

Pastor: Seizure violates Malaysia Agreement

Sabah Church pleads for return of materials

Dr M: No harm in call to burn Bibles

Mahathir Mohamad defends the call to burn Bibles by Malay rights group Perkasa, while the Attorney-General’s Chambers declares it’s about “defending the purity of Islam”. FULL STORY

Bersih 2.0 calls for transparency over delineation

THE Election Commission (EC) is expected to announce its long-awaited redrawing of electoral constituencies (delineation) soon. While the law allows for public representations in protest at new boundaries, Bersih 2.0 says the 30-day period during which such a protest may be lodged is “extremely restrictive”. The EC’s drip-feed of detail has led to a “pressing need for information so it is possible for the public to protest… within the allotted time period”. FULL STATEMENT

PR bid to nullify GE13 results thrown out of court

Electoral rolls not cleaned up yet, Ambiga warns

GLOBAL Bersih patron Ambiga Sreenevasan reminds everyone – and the Opposition in particular – that the Election Commission’s delineation agenda can only pass with the help of all parties. “They need a two-thirds majority… that’s why they are nice and charming”. FULL STORY

‘Pro-Anwar’ students face charges as Bersih decries punitive university

“MALAYSIANS must stand together” to protect students’ freedom, Bersih 2.0 says, as the University of Malaysia mulls charges against student leaders who organised an address by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim on campus. FULL STORY

Students, Anwar defy varsity ban

Student leader arrested

‘Glimpse of the future’

Obama pinned for silence on Malaysian crackdown

The Washington Post reminds US President Barack Obama that the crackdown on opposition leaders, academics and journalists in Malaysia provides an urgent opportunity to “defend democracy”, quoting from the president’s United Nations address last September. FULL EDITORIAL

Anwar trial: Court reserves judgment on sodomy saga

Within an hour of closing statements by the defence and prosecution in Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy case, Malaysia’s Federal Court reserved judgment for a later date. Said Chief Justice Tun Arifin Zakaria, leading the five-judge panel: “In view of the facts submitted, we will require some time.” FULL STORY

Prosecution slammed for shifting burden to defence

Circumstantial evidence can be more damning: Prosecution

One step forward for Indonesia, one step back for Malaysia

While Indonesia marks another democratic advance, democracy in neighbouring Malaysia goes backwards, Peter Hartcher writes in The Sydney Morning Herald. FULL COMMENTARY

Altantuya returns to haunt Malaysia

Nearly eight years after her gruesome murder in a jungle clearing near Kuala Lumpur, Mongolian translator and party girl Altantuya Shaariibuu is coming back to haunt Malaysia’s ruling elite. The action is taking place in a Malaysian Bar Council disciplinary procedure. FULL STORY

Bringing Malaysia back to the ‘middle’

The responsibility lies with moderate Malaysians to bring Malaysia back to the ‘middle’. Ranting on social media alone will not be enough. AHMAD ISKANDAR WRITES

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