MALAYSIA NOW – December 2014

Election Commission shuts door to polls watchdog

MALAYSIA’S Election Commission (EC) will proceed with redrawing electoral boundaries without input from civil society, its chairman said, effectively shutting the door to Bersih, the country’s civil society watchdog on polling and electoral reform. FULL STORY


Malaysia’s Sedition Act to be strengthened

NO REPEAL, no surrender – Malaysian PM Najib Razak has gone back on a pledge to repeal a controversial sedition law, saying it will instead be strengthened, the BBC reports. FULL STORY


Hindu mother fails to get IGP to execute High Court order

A HINDU child is being kept away from her Hindu mother, after an appeal court ruled that Malaysia’s inspector-general of police need not comply with a High Court mandamus order compelling the police chief to arrest the Muslim-convert ex-husband and father, and return the little girl to her natural mother. FULL STORY


Govt fights to deny citizenship for child of Malaysian Indian

THE Malaysian government has appealed a High Court order compelling it to grant citizenship to a 16-year-old son of a Malaysian-Indian father and Filipino mother. FULL STORY


 ‘Allah’ hymnals seized, priest detained

A CATHOLIC priest was detained for possessing 30 copies of a hymn book with the word “Allah” – the hymnals were meant for followers among Malaysia’s original inhabitants. FULL STORY

Radio fine like North Korea thuggery

MALAYSIAN authorities acted like “a bunch of thugs” from North Korea when they imposed a RM10,000 fine on radio station BFM for a interview in which an Iranian-American scholar criticised a court’s ban on the use of “Allah” by non-Muslims. FULL STORY


Malaysia No 5 for illegal capital outflow

Malaysia was among the top 10 countries worldwide for illicit capital outflows in 2012. Washington-based Global Financial Integrity said the country ranked No 5, and nearly US$49 billion was illegally sent in 2012. FULL STORY


Malaysia hits human rights low under Najib

HUMAN rights in Malaysia under Najib Razak’s administration have hit a new low‎, rights watchdog Suaram said. Freedom of expression “took a heavy toll” this year‎, with 44 people being investigated, charged or convicted under the Sedition Act 1948. The number included opposition politicians, activists, lawyers, academics, Muslim preachers as well as students. FULL STORY

Malays damned if Umno loses: Najib

THE Malaysian Prime Minister told his Malay-party the only way to protect the race was to ensure Umno recovers. Speaking through an Umno Supreme Council member, Najib said, “If Umno loses (the next election), Malays will be damned.” FULL STORY

Bar Council fears return of preventive detention laws

MALAYSIA’S Bar Council president Christopher Leong has expressed concern over the return of preventive detention laws and “harsh authoritarian” police powers that are against the rule of natural justice. FULL STORY

Top 5 enemies of human rights in Malaysia

COMMENT: Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Home Affairs Minister, Inspector-General of Police, Attorney-General and right-wing Malay groups and their personalities are the top enemies of human rights in Malaysia. By Eric Paulsen, co-founder and executive director of Lawyers for Liberty.

Revoke all fines and suspensions on UM8 – Global Bersih

MALAYSIA’S education minister should direct the University of Malaya board to immediately revoke all fines and suspensions imposed on Fahmi Zainol and his fellow Malaysian scholars, also known as the UM8, Global Bersih (GB) said. Any other course of action can only mean Barisan Nasional (BN) is afraid of seeing young Malaysians grow into intellectually robust, well-rounded citizens who seek to exercise critical thinking. If the need arises, Global Bersih is nevertheless prepared to launch a worldwide appeal for funds to help the UM students pay the decidedly unjust fines. FULL STATEMENT

Malaysians rank No 2 among Australian ‘over-stayers’

IN A sign that citizens are desperate to leave a home-country riven by religious and ethnic extremism, Malaysians are now second only to Chinese nationals in the Australian Immigration Department’s list of people who stay beyond expiry of their visa. FULL STORY

The Malaysia Now series is a compilation of published reports, statements and commentary on issues of democracy, citizen rights and electoral reform.  Malaysia Now gratefully acknowledges the use of material previously published in The Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini, Malay Mail Online, Malaysia Chronicle, BBC and The Sydney Morning Herald.


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