#DearAmbiga outpouring of support – selected tweets

16 May 2012

Malaysian netizens today have come out in full force expressing their support and solidary with Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan who has been the target of harassment outside her private home in Kuala Lumpur.

Ambiga responded to the outpouring of tweets with with a photo of bouquets sent to her house in solidarity:

@Ambiga_S: The people judge. Am safe with them. Heartfelt thanks! Hidup Rakyat!

@Ambiga_S:  The people, our hope! Hidup Rakyat!

Below are selected tweets from today:

@PhillyTan: #dearambiga Thank you for standing for truth. May integrity prevail in the hearts of Malaysians!

@sateesdapsypg: #DearAmbiga You are our The Lady indeed! In 50yrs, your name will be in our grandchildren’s textbook! We are with you!! @Ambiga_S

@Jovensky: #DearAmbiga Thank u for your effort! Although there are many Malaysians who are against you, I believe there are more of us who support you.

@lydialee: Perhaps one day, there would be a movie made about #DearAmbiga and her strive for freedom!!

@iskandarfareez: #DearAmbiga Happy Teachers Day. You have taught all of us the meaning of being a true Msian.

@rainbowavenger: #DearAmbiga You’re a role model to Malaysian youth.You showed us patriotism and calm conviction of truth in the face of injustice & idiocy

@dogsonclouds: #DearAmbiga U open our eyes to what 1 person can do to better the nation.On 428, 250,000 Malaysians gathered for a better tomorrow.Thank u!

@MPwilayah: @ambiga_s @pratamad in todays Msia, its hard to remain true & steadfast, let alone stand up to purveyors of lies.

@jeffrey_kumar: #DearAmbiga u rock! Stay strong, don’t give them any reason to fault you 🙂 “@Ambiga_S: The people, our hope! Hidup Rakyat!”

@adriene: #dearambiga and all Malaysians who assembled for clean and fair elections on #428, thank you. I am proud to stand with you #bersih

@UnitedMalaysia2: In this juncture of our nations histroy, there is an urgent need for dedicated and courageous leadership.- MLK #dearambiga

@jayjaydenis: With the support pouring in for @Ambiga_S it’s more than obvious that everyone is behind her, all MALAYSIANS! #dearambiga

@DonnDonovey: #DearAmbiga India got Ghandi, Burma got Aung Suu Kyi, Malaysia got you!

@_gokul_ : @Ambiga_S you have inspired me more than anyone or anything. we are all the better for it! we support you 100% #DearAmbiga

@dogsonclouds: #DearAmbiga You are a role model. Calm and collected. We are with you all the way. Hidup Bersih!

@aafaizli: You defy the odds when people from all walks of life, age, race & religion came together to support for fair election @Ambiga_S #DearAmbiga

@BersihPenang: #DearAmbiga terima kasih sebab anda sentiasa sangat sabar dan berani. Dignity and strengh.

@soefira: #DearAmbiga fighting coz she believes in human rights. You fight back dengan burger and bontot? I rest my case.

@chrissooyau: #DearAmbiga u hv remained strong & steadfast…I hv utmost respect for u

@tanjoolee: #dearambiga It’s so cool how you keep your dignity when those who would vilify you are losing theirs.

@suffian_dawson: #dearambiga , tanx 4 all . U have open many eyes . U have thought us the right way to fight 4 our right . Please stay calm and keep fight !

@AbdFauzi: #DearAmbiga Y U so cool? I would certainly burn the burger stall and kick the ex-armies’ butts! Haha

@azizah212: #DearAmbiga bawa bertenang dan minum air suam.

@rainbowavenger: #DearAmbiga I never took notice of Malaysian politics but you not only inspired me to do so, but taught me how to reclaim my rights.TQ!

@dteoh: @Ambiga_S is a mother-figure to so many young M’sians, we will stand by #DearAmbiga thru thick n thin #bersih

@klsocialdiva: #DearAmbiga u’ll nvr walk alone! M amazed that u’re grace under fire. Salute!

@jessicarabbit5: #DearAmbiga You’ve given HOPE back to Malaysians. It’s bcoz of you that ppl dare to make their ‘hope’ a reality. Thank you! @Ambiga_S

@MikeManicka: #DearAmbiga i always believed in you and i’m really proud of you to make this changes happen. @Ambiga_S

@_hafiz: #dearAmbiga True Muslims wouldn’t get close to doing those degrading acts

@Joseph612: #DearAmbiga You are my inspiration and a new hope to Msia on how powerless ordinary citizens could fight for the nation we all truly loved

@renchung: #dearambiga we are with you. We know that there is a difference between public demonstration and harassment. #bersih

@Sengkeat66: #DearAmbiga Thanks for being the leader most m’sian r looking for @Ambiga_S #Bersih

@tsimitha: #DearAmbiga, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for giving this nation the slightest hope of a bright future. I am behind you!

@Brastal: Kill ’em with kindness. #DearAmbiga You are one smart woman.

@hwabeng: @Ambiga_S Thanks for standing up for us.“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”Martin Luther King Jr

@kcl1308: #dearAmbiga u did so much 4 d country without looking 4 benefits/$,how can d rakyat honour u?”@Ambiga_S: @NatAsasi @kavilan am overwhelmed!

@bumilangit: #dearAmbiga jgn mengalah. Saya pun tak setuju dgn gerai burger dan mnari tunjuk punggung. Sabar dan lawan terus!

@MamuNakHabaq: #DearAmbiga u shudve sprayed them with water. they said they like air suam.

@amuse_gueule:  I am not ashamed to be a hero worshipper when it comes to #DearAmbiga. Respect!!

@pratamad: #DearAmbiga your detractors r so far behind u. When u hv transcended above party politics, those jokers still chanting “Bee End” at ur house

@fahmi_fadzil:  BN- dan 1Malaysia-affiliated thugs, sudah-sudahlah korg membuli @Ambiga_S! #DearAmbiga jgn risau, #KitaSemuaAmbiga

@NatAsasi: #DearAmbiga, you’ll never walk alone. Hopefully, we’ll see a sea of @Ambiga_S avatars on Twitter & FB today 🙂 RT!

@MikePang888: #DearAmbiga Never, never, never give up, keep on the fight for the right cause! We stand by YOU! HIDUP #Bersih!

@VernonAE: #DearAmbiga – Wishing you strength and peace in your heart. DearMalaysians for #Bersih – stay focused! Truth will triumph.


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4 Thoughts to “#DearAmbiga outpouring of support – selected tweets”

  1. Richard Yiap

    250,000 strong crowds are behind you, Datuk Ambiga. You are never alone in this fight for justice.

  2. Dear Datuk Ambiga….Malaysia will fall further into the abyss and dark ages without you.


    Dear Datuk Ambiga, we are earnestly to support your movement for the better Malaysia ! Your combative spirit for the clean & fair election will lead to all Malaysian prosperous. Take care & thank you.

  4. jun

    Dear Datuk Ambiga, we support whole-heartedly for what you have done for the good of Malaysia,for our children and grand-children. We are behind you for this fight of injustices, threats, and intimidation. Never bow down to them. I salute you.

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