Response to Statement by the Singapore Police Force on Global Bersih

5 April 2018

Global Bersih is surprised at the recent allegation by the Singapore Police Force that we have been ‘encouraging overseas Malaysians to support political activities…’, and the implication that we might be among the foreigners ‘using Singapore as a platform to further political causes’ or engaging in ‘unlawful public assemblies…for the purposes of election campaigning’ (1).

We would like to point out that Global Bersih is a non-partisan international movement of overseas Malaysians and friends of Malaysia with the goal of supporting Malaysian civil society and strengthening Malaysia’s maturing democracy through peaceful and legal means of action. We have a vision for a democratic and just Malaysian society in which the rights and dignity of all persons are respected, protected and upheld in law and in practice.

Therefore, we encourage Malaysians not only in Singapore but in every country in the world to exercise their indelible civil and political rights as described in the UN Convention on Civil and Political Rights and as guaranteed by the Malaysian Constitution — including the right of every Malaysian, regardless of where they live, to vote and participate in the next Malaysian General Election. We reiterate that Global Bersih is a peaceful movement and an association under Swiss law; we have never encouraged or condoned illegal actions.

Global Bersih did not receive any direct communication from the Singapore Police Force on this matter prior to the above-mentioned statement. We welcome clarification from the SPF on the specific statements or actions implied by their allegations.

For further information, please contact Global Bersih at:
35 Rue du Rothschild
1202 Geneva Switzerland

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