Zunar’s activities in the United Kingdom

No C Poster London Oct 2015 - Copy

Come join in on Zunar’s trip throughout the United Kingdom.

Zunar is a renowned Malaysian political cartoonist who is currently facing 43 years in prison on 9 charges of Sedition for being an outspoken critic of the Malaysian government. Five of his cartoon books have been banned by the Malaysian government for allegedly carrying content “detrimental to public order” and thousands confiscated in an effort to curtail freedom of expression. On the eve of his trial,  Zunar is coming to the UK to launch a special exhibition of his work at the Cartoonists Museum on the 3/11/15. He is the first Malaysian activist and ‘ARTivist’ to feature in Amnesty’s Write for Rights Campaign that will also launch in November. He was awarded the Hellman Hammett award 2015 by Human Rights Watch and is also the first cartoonist to be awarded the Commitee to Protect Journalists International Press Freedom Award 2015.

Oct 29 – My fight through cartoons: in conversation with Zunar, a political cartoonist from Malaysia

URL: http://www.amnesty.org.uk/events/even-my-pen-has-stand-my-fight-through-cartoons-zunar-exhibition-preview-live-qa#.Vi7TR8l95D8

Oct 31 – Cartoon-o-phobia: Freedom through Artivism

URL: http://www.seaartsfest.org/panels-and-tours/cartoon-o-phobia/

Nov 1 – ZUNAR Pop-up cartoon protest in London

URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/1700942400139072/

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