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6 Thoughts to “Voting for Overseas Malaysians: Let us know what you think!”

  1. Bob Lew

    Malaysian, is time to put everything aside and unite….!

  2. Yau Mei Leng


    Preferable to count ballots at the respective voting location.

    Else, Global Bersih to provide a service to overseas Malaysians by collecting the ballots and courier to the respective voting locations in Malaysia. A process needs to be establish between Global Bersih, MOV and Bersih in KL.

    Thanks, ML

  3. SP Ooi

    It is the right to vote.

  4. Michele Miller

    More voting location for overseas Malaysian.

  5. Yuen Lang Kok

    It would be more appropriate to organise voting bureaux in the cardinal points of each country, and in the capital too. It is unthinkable to have a bureau in each town where there are Malaysians. And a team of commitee to be nominated, comprise of supporters from each candidat, and a président of the jury will be elected, well before the election date. Then fraud wil be (almost) inexistance.
    Ballots should be counted immediately after the closing time, on the spot. Nothing can leave the bureau before the counting. The results sheet is signed by all commitee members before sendind by e-mail, sms or by any other means, by the president. And official result sheet sent to the Counsulat.
    I have been involved actively in all the recent French elections, be It in France or at the Embassies. This is how it’s done.

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