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11 Thoughts to “Video: Global Bersih 3.0 Compilation”

  1. Jag

    After a Long Long time. I am proud to be a Malaysian Again !!!

  2. Anak Tanjong

    I salute all Bersih 3.0 organisers and participants worldwide. Although it is heartening to see the level of support of Bersih 3.0, the fact remain that this government will never meet the demand of Bersih 3.0 before GE13 or beyond. I only hope is that those who are not in Malaysia to make an effort to come back for GE13 to vote. If the government can’t change, we should change the government.

  3. I cried while watching this video but I am happy to call myself a Malaysian.

    Now I know Malaysian all around the world really want a truly Clean and Fair 13th General Election so that they can be proud to be called a true Malaysian.

    Vote out the corrupt UMNO/BN government and together we build a new Malaysia.

  4. Cindy Ang

    The 3rd photo is actually from Dunedin New Zealand, not Auckland. Can anyone make the changes please? Thanks. I’m there, so I know. Just to be fair to the people of Dunedin that they made the effort to come out and not be credited as Aucklanders. Dunedin is the south-erst city of the world to have the sit-in protest and we want a fair credit of it. Please. Thanks.

    1. admin

      Hi Cindy, we didn’t make the video unfortunately… We hope the editor picks it up. Its just a fan compilation. Our webteam also organised events in various cities. We are quite flat out from the weekend.

  5. Cindy Ang

    Thanks for the reply so soon. I understand the workload you guys have. So do you know who made this video? May be I can ask them to make the minor changes? Thanks.

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  7. MimiHo

    Have a feeling that the men who rushed forward and upest the barriers are UMNO
    people dressed up in yellow. Bersih already said they would lead a clean sit -in protests. So why the sudden change? Ever wonder why?

  8. Guru

    Indeed it is very touching to see so many Malaysians around the world rallied to the call for a “Clean and Fair Election”. Some of those who have gone overseas may come back to where home is but there are some who may not but still they have not forgotten their origins. Bersih 3 has been a great success. I salute the organizers and participants worldwide.

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  10. Sylvia

    Dear Admin, may I know the background music used for the Global Bersih 3.0 compilation? Many thanks!

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