Statement: Global Bersih Celebrates Malaysia Day by Addressing Government Blindspot in Regards to the Exploitation of Rainforests in Sarawak

 21th August 2017


Malaysia Day 2017 will mark the day that Global Bersih cities from across the globe will band together to celebrate Malaysia’s inception, with screenings of ‘The Borneo Case’ followed by a Q&A session with leading members and activists involved in the film.

The film ‘The Borneo Case’ is an evocative story of patriotism, danger and corruption amid the lush rain-forests and quiet serenity of Sarawak. Based on the book ‘Money Logging’ which documents the effects of deforestation politically and financially, this is an important story that needs to told and acknowledged. Global Bersih see this as an important platform to bring together the people of Malaysia on this day of celebration to unite East and West Malaysians, to bring our issues closer, and our hearts closer still so that we speak with one voice.

Global Bersih, a non-profit organization established under the Swiss Civil Code, aims to support Malaysian civil society’s efforts to strengthen Malaysia’s maturing democracy using peaceful and legal means of action. Through the global screening of The Borneo Case, Global Bersih hopes to bring together the international community and dedicated Malaysians, whom regardless of religion, education or profession, are tirelessly making efforts to defend democratic accountability and the rule of law.

Bala Chelliah, President of Global Bersih remarked that “the screening of The Borneo Case will be a special moment, unifying Malaysians across the world and allowing them to celebrate their countries Birthday, while also creating awareness of some of the terrible crimes being committed in their own back yard.”

“Malaysia’s most beautiful forests and lives of the indigenous people are being sacrificed to line the pockets of a corrupt few,” respected activist Maria Abdullah comments on the film.

Filmmakers Erik Pauser and Dylan Williams spent five years intimately following the trail of a group of activists whose aim is to investigate how profits from the illegal logging which has annihilated more than 90% of the Malaysian Borneo Rain-forest, has been ‘laundered’ into property portfolios all around the world.

Erik describes the creation process as “an incredible experience. Its been very inspiring to see the Malaysian people fight for real democracy,” and of his respect for “the indigenous people of the region (who) face tremendous challenges in protecting their homelands”.



Global Bersih

For more information, please contact Global Bersih at: +++ Global Bersih 35 Rue du Rothschild 1202 Geneva Switzerland

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