Report: Bersih 3.0 Malmo, Sweden

Location: City Hall, Malmo,  Sweden
Time: 28 Apr, 1pm +2UTC
Number of participants: 500+


BERSIH Sweden & Denmark was attended by 7 people who came from various parts of both countries. The number looks small but considering the fact that there are not many Malaysians in Scandinavia also the fact that it was raining and windy, i was encouraged by the turn-out. One guy even traveled for 3 hours just to join us. The gathering took place at the main square of Malmö city, by the iconic City Hall building. We started at 1pm by chanting ‘BERSIH’ and ‘We want clean elections’ and taking photos. We adjourned and continued catching up while having fika (Swedish for coffee break).
All in all, it was good to stand up for a cause and to meet other Malaysians here (now i know they exist!).

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