Report: Bersih 3.0 Jakarta, Indonesia

Location: Liquid Exchange, Jakarta, Indonesia
Time: 28 Apr, 1230pm +7UTC
Number of participants: 90+


Bersih Jakarta was awesome and great success. Around 80-90 people joined us, where 95% of them were all main multiracial Malaysian who living and working for MNC, own business from greater Jakarta, rest of 5% consisted of Indonesians & Germans. We had speeches, sang our national anthem, shared Ambiga Bersih 3.0 note, we also made donations consisting of clothes and Rp 3,5juta (USD +/-400) to  a charity organization in Indonesia. A lot of pictures and videos had taken which is shared in FB page
Lastly, we put our thoughts together for “Clean and Fair Election in Malaysia especially for GE 13. The balloons were released in the air before we dispersed. It was a great success and we are proud to be part of this historical and noble event. We regret that we were not able to hold any placards or banners (we were advised, it’s against the Kitas/work permit term & condition) but they couldn’t stop us from getting us together and let go our balloons. We started at 12:30PM and dispersed at 4PM.




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