Report: Bersih 3.0 Boston, USA

Location: Boston Common, Boston, USA
Time: 28 Apr, 2pm -4UTC
Number of participants: 60+


About 60-70 people show up in Boston’s event. We gather at Boston Common. Once the group has gathered we made posters and banners together, after that we took a group picture and had a brief about Bersih 3.0, read our 8 demands together. Everybody sat down and took turn to share their thought and wish to Malaysia. We keep silence for 30 sec to pay our respect to our fellow Malaysians who walked in KL and sang national anthem. After the rally, some of us went to “Penang”, a Malaysians restaurant makan together. that was a windy day in Boston,  but all of us are excited to see so many Malaysians in Boston, and we’re proud to step out to show our support for a better Malaysia.


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