Press Release: Burger stall protest is first step to lawlessness, says Global Bersih

11 May 2012

THE shocking spectacle of yesterday’s burger stall incident outside the home of Ambiga Sreenevasan was a public threat against a very respected Malaysian figure that must never be allowed to happen again, Global Bersih said today.

There is no running away from the fact that Ikhlas, its chairman Mohamed Ridzuan Abdullah and the others held the personal safety of Dato Ambiga, her friends and family hostage by their action.

To call it a ‘gimmick’, as reported in the press, is to make light of a public threat to the safety of a Malaysian citizen.

This is the road to anarchy and lawlessness, and if their actions remain unchecked, it will encourage copycat action and put Malaysia at risk of descending into chaos.

Ridzuan Abdullah’s threat to repeat his unlawful act is all the more shocking for its brazenness and his apparent belief that people like him can act with impunity in a country like Malaysia.

Ridzuan Abdullah and Ikhlas made a public threat, in full view of media and authorities, and the Malaysian police and the local government responsible must be seen to act in the name of justice for all citizens of Malaysia.

Global Bersih reminds everyone that Dato Ambiga’s only ‘crime’ has been to give voice to the legitimate dreams and democratic aspirations of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Malaysians.

Even the Malaysian government realises this now.

In acting against Dato Ambiga, Ridzuan Abdullah and Ikhlas acted against countless others who risked life and limb on April 28 to build a fair and just Malaysia.

Ridzuan Abdullah and Ikhlas have insulted struggling Malays, Chinese, Indians and other Malaysians just like themselves,” the coalition of Malaysian Bersih supporters living overseas said today.

Global Bersih also reminds all the parties who participated in the historic events of April 28 that solidarity with the cause of fair and free elections does not stop at attending a rally.

These parties must also rise to meet their moral responsibilities when ugly acts like this burger stall incident are perpetrated against defenceless individuals.

The very parties that gained full mileage from Duduk Bantah must use all their power and influence to ensure that such a dastardly act never happens again.

Claims that you stand for fair and free elections become empty if you choose to be a bystander in these moments.

If the actions of Ridzuan Abdullah and Ikhlas go unpunished, Malaysia is headed for a very, very dangerous place.

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5 Thoughts to “Press Release: Burger stall protest is first step to lawlessness, says Global Bersih”

  1. Kowalski

    this is a free country.
    he just ‘duduk bantah’.
    he come in peace.

    now, where did i heard that one, before???

  2. If they can show their ugly side why cant we show our ugly side too.if they sell burger in our road side we do the same like them we sell burger by their road side too.they do stupid things we make them look stupid

  3. XYH Sim

    It’s fine to stage a protest against Bersih, but a protest can only be done by going to the courts or demonstrating outside Bersih’s secretariat at Empower’s office in PJ, not outside someone’s home, in a threatening way. And do so peacefully, without yelling aggressively and stupidly, like the oaf who was shouting “We come IN PEACE! YOU KNOW! You don’t talk much!”. If only they had thought about what they were saying and doing, Ikhlas wouldn’t have degraded themselves so much.

  4. J

    This press release fails to explain the context of Ikhlas’s actions. A press release should be self-contained. It should state what the “burger stall incident” and the “threat” is so that the story can be understood. Failing to provide context is wasting the energy of writing the press release in the first place.

  5. Alex

    According to Final Report of the Malaysian Bar on Bersih 3.0 rally pg 84 ” Business affected by tear gas…”

    So when will Ikhlas setup burger stall at polis stations? Or the purpose of this burger stall protest was not at the meant to strike for affection of the businesses?

    It was clearly shown that whenever peaceful rallies were allowed to be conducted without any interference from local authorities , police, and gov… The surrounding businesses will sure earn much than usual days.. Even pahang chief also welcome such so called ‘rally-economy’!

    The truth is gov closed 54 roads and sealed dataran, yet affected businesses within those areas…

    The truth is police excessively fired tear gases and water canon, even far away dataran, yet affected businesses within those areas…

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