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Global Bersih Secretariat

35 Rue du Rothschild
1202 Geneva
+41 79 248 21 23


BERSIH 2.0 Secretariat

13, Lorong 4/48E,
46050 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +603 77844977
Fax: +603 77844978


5 Thoughts to “Press Centre”

  1. M Palmer

    Dear Bersih

    Thank you for all your efforts. As a Londonner it would be good if Bersih could organise something during the London elections to furthur inform the world of the true state of Malaysian democracy today.

  2. I am very very upset about our government now? Why Please read at today 24/4/2013 the sun newspaper on page 10 which is which is Raja Nong Chik Hints Over MRT Stations. As a federal territories and urban wellbeing minister is his duty to do the best for the country and peoples. Without voting for BN, BN might not go ahead with plans to have three stations in Lembah Pantai area. If he was not voted in as its MP. Every body should do their best for the country so that the peoples will get the best for it. Why is it has to vote for him then only get.

    1. admin

      Thank you for your comments. We urge all Malaysians to vote candidates who will reflect their aspirations and personal values.

  3. Jc

    Hi Bersih,

    As an avid Malaysian, I’m very concerned about the current situation since overseas and postal voting has started. There are news circulation that overseas voters have controversial voting papers, registered voters losing their eligibility after attending concerts, indelible ink washed away easily etc…

    How true are these news? And if they are for real, what actions have been taken? Please don’t take this as questioning Bersih…the public needs a go-to place to know the latest happenings in GE13, and i think of Bersih right away. it’s hard to get objective information from various parties’ websites.

    1. admin

      Please follow where the public and trained observers mobilised by bersih are reporting discrepancies. We can do very little about stories sent via email and text messages and it is very hard to verify each one. What is important now is for every malaysian to encourage their friends and relatives to vote on May 5.

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