Overseas Voting Survey

9 Thoughts to “Overseas Voting Survey”

  1. Bee Goh

    As long as the voting process is transparent and my vote is not compromised.

  2. Joanna wong

    Malaysians in everywhere in the world should have the right and means to vote in all election.

  3. Yuen Lang Kok

    There is another possiblity to vote in France if you are absent from hometown or country. They call It here ‘La vote par procuration ‘. You can name a person, who is also registered at the same ballot bureau, to vote on your behalf. This can be done by filling up a form, whereby the name and address of the person is given, at the Counsulat. It should be signed and stamp chopped by a person in charge. A receit is returned to you, with signature and stamped from Counsulat. They will send a copy to the local bureau in the country, to give note of your intention. And when the person vote, he/she has to sign on your behalf.

  4. HJC

    I don’t trust the Malaysian election commission as they have repeatedly shown partisan support for the incumbent government. There has been too many scandals, exposes by the media and adequate evidence to put a number of election officers in jail. The system is not a fair system and is not transparent. This needs to change. Now.

    1. Joseph Gopaldass

      if they can chabge NOW AND I CAN TRUST THEM (Malaysian Election Commission)
      I will VOTE TODAY

  5. Yap sir

    everyone has the right to vote.
    everyone has the responsibility to vote

  6. […] as voters (more details in this link) and to encourage more Malaysians to participate in an overseas voting survey that is accessible […]

  7. Steve Tan

    Good job Bersih!

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