MALAYSIA NOW – September 2014

Adam Adli second student sentenced to jail under Sedition Act

“So be it,” says law student and activist Adam Adli Abdul Halim, sentenced to one year behind bars under Malaysia’s 66-year-old Sedition Act.  Adam joins Muhammad Safwan Anang to become the second Malaysian student sentenced to jail under the law.

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Sedition blitz breeds fear, suppression in Malaysia

Putrajaya’s escalating use of a 66-year-old Sedition Act will cow Malaysians from speaking out as students, academics, lawyers and Opposition MPs face jail terms and fines.

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Amnesty: MPs, activists, students, lawyers face arbitrary arrest

“There has been alarming use of the draconian and archaic Sedition Act in recent weeks,” Amnesty International says – the law is being used to silence critics.

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Najib showing ‘true colours’: Human Rights Watch

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak is showing his “true rights-abusing colours” with the recent spate of arrests under the Sedition Act, an international human rights group says.

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Excessive tolerance for obvious violators of Act

As the number of sedition charges levelled at well-meaning Malaysians grows, excessive tolerance is shown to obvious violators of a loosely worded legislation.

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UN: 19 face charges under colonial-era law

Malaysian authorities should immediately stop investigations and prosecutions under a 1948 law that curbed free speech under British imperialism, a United Nations rights office says.

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Sedition Act targets Opposition, critics

The Sedition Act is being used to suppress the views and opinions of opposition politicians and other critical voices, as well as ordinary individuals.

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Jurists commission condemns use of ‘odious’ law

The International Commission of Jurists condemns the Malaysian government’s increased use of a 1948 law that is incompatible with international standards.

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Former police, CID chiefs to join pro-Sedition Act roadshow

A former inspector-general of police and retired Criminal Investigation Department chief will join a nationwide roadshow calling for the Sedition Act 1948 to be retained.

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PM’s silence fans disunity: Bersih

Najib Razak’s “deafening silence” confirms a growing authoritarianism in which religion and race are used to disunite Malaysians further, peak rights body says as it launches Facebook campaign ‘Make My Day’.

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Young lawyers fight to repeal Act

Putrajaya lacks the political will to keep its promise to repeal repugnant and draconian laws that infringe on Malaysians’ constitutional rights.
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Make My Day: Bersih goes to Facebook

Rights groups launch Facebook campaign on International Day of Democracy with call to resist Malaysian government’s strategy of fear.

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