Karpal Singh: A Nation’s Heart is His Home

There is a time for heroes, warriors and true patriots. Karpal Singh was among an entirely rare breed of Malaysians who was all of these, and much, much more, for post-colonial Malaysia.

Through his example, he taught us all that we are much more than the ‘keturunan’ of our identity cards, and that it was, and remains, our patriotic duty to fully claim that birthright.

A nation weeps and weeps. We are bleeding.

We will cherish him in our hearts, and remain grateful to Karpal’s family for standing by his side as he dedicated so much of his life to his country, and all its people.

Leaving aside all politics and politicking, and with only nationhood and a shared history in focus, it is now incumbent upon the Prime Minister to call for a national day of mourning, and to give the Tiger of Jelutong the state funeral a Malaysian hero, warrior and patriot rightly deserves.

A nation’s heart is now his home.

William de Cruz,
President, Global Bersih


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