Global Bersih welcomes Deputy Home Minister’s statement on no risk of travel ban

8 October 2016

Global Bersih welcomes Deputy Home Minister’s statement on no risk of travel ban

Global Bersih welcomes Deputy Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed’s statement that Malaysians who attend Bersih 5 solidarity rallies overseas face no risk of a travel ban. The Minister’s remarks reinforce Global Bersih’s long-standing position that Malaysians overseas peacefully participating in Bersih solidarity rallies around the world need not fear unjustified government imposed travel restrictions.

The Deputy Home Minister’s remarks are particularly welcome in light of travel bans recently imposed on Maria Chin Abdullah (Chairperson of Bersih 2.0) and other Malaysians, as well as baseless threats made by Malaysian government leaders before Bersih 4 in 2015, which Global Bersih had addressed in previous statements:

Global Bersih Condemns Threats of Legal Action against Bersih 4 Solidarity Rally Participants

Global Bersih Denounces Efforts to Threaten Bersih 4 Solidarity Rallies Globally

Given the Deputy Home Minister’s praiseworthy example, we call on the Malaysian government to guarantee the right of all Malaysians overseas, in particular scholarship students and civil servants, to participate in peaceful expressions of Malaysian citizenship without fear of reprisal of any kind, not just alleged ‘travel bans’.

Global Bersih reminds all Malaysians that the right to dissent is a fundamental civil right, guaranteed under Article 10 of Malaysia’s Federal Constitution – and in the laws of most of the countries where we reside.

The right to dissent also a demand of the Bersih 5 rallies worldwide, as dissent is increasingly being criminalised and suppressed in Malaysia through both civil and religious legislation, and law enforcement.

Global Bersih and Malaysians around the world stand in solidarity with Malaysian civil society in its demand for urgent electoral reforms, better governance – and an end to the persecution of activists.

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