Global Bersih Denounces Efforts to Threaten Bersih 4 Solidarity Rallies Globally


Geneva, 28 August 2015 — Global Bersih applauds Bersih 2.0’s negotiations with the Malaysian police to ensure the peaceful nature of the upcoming Bersih 4. But Global Bersih condemns the rising number of threats and intimidation incidents against Global Bersih solidarity rally organizers as well as would-be participants around the world.

Reports of Malaysian scholarship students abroad receiving threatening official letters that raise the revoking of their scholarships and warnings against participating in any Bersih-related activity is deeply disappointing and counter-productive.

At the same time, we are also appalled that a number of Global Bersih solidarity rally organizers have been approached or have had to meet their respective local police forces because of misleading reports by Malaysian embassies about allegedly disruptive Bersih rallies across the world.

Global Bersih believes and abides by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), particularly the right to Freedom of Expression (FOE) and Freedom of Assembly and Association (FOAA). Furthermore, we have encouraged all our solidarity rallies to be organized in accordance with local laws in their respective cities and countries. We are even going further to respect the local customs, cultures and practices, and organizing our respective peaceful events accordingly.

Our only cause is to call attention to the 5 Bersih demands, to bring attention to these at the international level, and to support Bersih 2.0’s 34-hour “Pesta Demokrasi” (Democracy Festival) in Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching, Malaysia.

We wholeheartedly reject all efforts to discredit our gatherings in almost 70 cities around the world. We denounce all attempts to smear, provoke, incite fear, intimidate and threaten our events and participants.

Global Bersih calls on all Malaysians abroad to similarly reject such threats, and to join a solidarity rally in support of our families and friends back home. As the popular song goes, “jauh di mata namun dekat di hati” (far from sight but close to heart), we will stand firm in expressing our allegiance and patriotism to our beloved Malaysia no matter where we are.

Colin Rajah, Global Bersih President
(On behalf of the Global Bersih Steering Committee and 100+ Global Bersih City Coordinators)

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Global Bersih
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1202 Geneva

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