Global Bersih Condemns The Decision of The High Court of Shah Alam In Upholding The Home Ministry’s Ban On Bersih 4 Yellow T-shirts

Less than a week to the Bersih 4 Rally last year on August 29/30th, the Home Ministry banned Bersih 4 yellow t-shirts. Bersih 2.0 chairman Maria Chin Abdullah immediately filed a judicial review application against the ministry’s action but on February 19th 2016, the High Court of Shah Alam has set aside Bersih 2.0’s challenge on the ban of Bersih 4 t-shirts.

Global Bersih stands in solidarity with Bersih 2.0 and strongly disagrees with the High Court’s decision. Despite the ban, Malaysians and friends of Malaysia all over the world, clad in the banned t-shirts came out in unprecedented large numbers to the streets to exercise their right to freedom of assembly and expression. This ban interferes with the fundamental right to freedom of expression.

Global Bersih supports Bersih 2.0’s upcoming appeal to the High Court’s decision. We strongly urge the Court of Appeal to reverse the High Court’s ruling and to uphold the fundamental political and civil rights of Malaysians.


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