Bersih Birmingham Braved Cold Weather to Stand in Solidarity with Bersih 5

By Lydia Chan, Bersih Birmingham

On 19 Nov 2016, 2pm (GMT), despite the cold weather, about 50 Malaysians gathered at Pavilion, High St to show our support and stand in solidarity with Bersih 5 rally in Malaysia. Most of the participants were university students. Some Chinese and Malay families came with their kids to support us as well.

Some of them brought along their own creative cardboards too. The event started late as the initial venue was occupied with German Christmas market. We then moved to another location.

My friend and I gave some speeches to the reason we wanted to have a Bersih 5 rally and also to urge young Malaysians to contribute their talents back to the country. Not only that, we took the opportunity to share our experiences with them.

The participants were on high spirit. We did some chanting and we also sang ‘Sejahtera Malaysia’ and ‘Negaraku’ together. The participants had a great time chatting with one another and taking photos. The rally ended earlier due to the bad weather. Few of us gathered together to have nasi lemak berempah.

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