Voter Registration

Registration of new Voters

This is provided for under the Elections (Registration of Electors) Act.
To register as an elector, one must:
  • Be a Malaysian citizen
  • Be 21 years old and above
  • Never been barred / disqualified by any laws in force
  • Present one’s national Registration Department issued Identity card as proof of identity

How do I register as a voter?

If you do not have a record as a voter, then you may register as a voter by going to your nearest
computerized post office
or going to one of the office below:


Only registered voters may vote in elections. Any Malaysian citizens above 21 years old must register in the voters’ registry with the Election Commission via any offices affiliated with the Election Commission, post offices with computerised facilities or specified counters, before he or she could vote in elections.

If you have registered as a voter in Malaysia and would like to check or verify your voting information online, go to the website links below.

How do I follow up with the status of my registration?

  • check your vote status online or using SMS

Voter Registration for Malaysians living abroad: 

  •  Postal Voters / Absent Voters consisting of:
    •          Armed forces that are in service.
    •          Government Personnel (Federal Government, States Service or local authorities) who are in service abroad.
    •          Individuals studying full time abroad (only if they are sponsored by the Government).
    •          Spouses to the list above.
The office of Malaysian Missions overseas will register these voters on behalf of the Election Commission of Malaysia (SPR). This registration exercise is only done periodically. Malaysian Missions abroad will make an announcement for the registration and checking of the voting list when requests for it to be done.
  •        Malaysians living abroad not working for the Government:
    • Comprising of Malaysian Citizen other than stated above.
All Malaysian citizens living abroad and registered to vote are obliged to at least have spent 30 days over the past 5 years before an election day in order to eligible for postal voting.
Malaysian Mission will assist you with the registration process. Among the documents required for registration are:
  • Identification document that confirms the applicant’s citizenship.
  • Three (3) passport sized photograph.
More information: