Postal Voting Procedures

Postal Voters

Persons entitled to vote as postal voters

(1) Any person who has registered as a Parliamentary or State elector under the Elections (Registration of Electors) Regulations 2002, and is —

(a) an absent voter;

(b) a person certified by the Election Commission to be an election officer and liable for duties on polling day;

(c) a member of any police force established by any written law in force in Malaysia, other than a member of the Police                       Volunteer Reserve Force;

(d) deleted;

(e) a member of the Election Commission appointed under Article 114 of the Federal Constitution; or

(f) a member of any category of persons designated as postal voters by the Election Commission from time by notifications               in the Gazette,

shall, on receip of a postal ballot paper, be entitled to vote as a postal voter at an election in accordance with these Regulations.

(2) A person referred to in paragraph (1)(b), (e) and (f) desiring to vote by post shall apply to do so by using Form 1 in the Schedule.

(3) The application shall be made direct to the returning officer of the constituency in which he is registered as soon as it is known that an election is contested in that constituency .

(4) If an application is approved, the returning officer shall issue a postal ballot paper to the applicant and if it is not approved, the returning officer shall so inform the applicant and shall state his ground for not approving the application in the letter prescribed in Form 1.

Form of postal ballot papers

The ballot papers to be sent to postal voters shall be in the same form, as and indistinguishable from, the ballot papers delivered to other voters.