General Voting Procedures

Polling Day:

  • Refers to the day voters cast their votes.
  • Officially, starts at 12.00 a.m. and ends when the results are announced.
  • Time for voting – 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.


Only registered voters may vote in elections. Any Malaysian citizens above 21 years old must register in the voters’ registry with the Election Commission via any offices affiliated with the Election Commission, post offices with computerised facilities or specified counters, before he or she could vote in elections.

A voter can make only one vote for each type in an election. After identity verification at a voting centre, on the left hand, an indelible link is put which lasts its impression for a week. This is to make sure that voters do not vote again in the same election. The officials tick off the name of the voter on the electoral list and the voter will then be given the ballot papers. Each voter receives two paper ballots, one for the parliamentary seat of the constituency and another for the state assembly seat. In federal territories, where there is no state assembly, and states whose state election is held on a different date, each voter receives only one ballot for the parliamentary seat.

Each voter walks into an individual booth to mark ballots while maintaining confidentiality. The voter marks on each ballot the candidate of his or her choice with a cross beside the candidate’s name and party symbol. After completing, the voter folds the ballots and drops them into separate ballot boxes for parliamentary and state assembly seats.

The whole process will be observed by election officials and agents of candidates and parties.

Counting of Votes:

  • Carried out by the presiding officer at the voting Centre.
  • Only following are allowed to enter the counting Centre:
    • Members and officials of EC.
    • Officers appointed by the EC.
    • Counting clerks.
    • Candidates, representative and counting agents.