16 February 2020 – Dari Takhta KTM: Perspektif Baru Untuk Pilihan Raya

Participating in “Dari Takhta KTM: Perspektif Baru Untuk Pilihan Raya” Sharing Session Organised by Tindak Malaysia

On 16th February, our liaison and administration officer Dineskumar Ragu participated in a sharing session titled “Dari Takhta KTM: Perspektif Baru untuk Pilihan Raya?”, hosted by Tindak Malaysia at Centum @Oasis Corporate Park, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Global Bersih’s participation in this sharing session is part of our ongoing efforts to engage with local NGOs that are part of our diverse network of stakeholders, as well as to learn how presiding officers (or known as Ketua Tempat Mengundi in Malay) play an important role in an election.