City Coordinator Checklist

Checklist for Organizing a Bersih 5 Event in Your City

1) First of all, decide what your goals are. Some examples:

i) Photos of Bersih XYZ City to encourage Malaysians back home.
ii) Compiling contacts of Bersih supporters in XYZ City (pass around a sign-up sheet at the event).
iii) Fundraising for Global Bersih and/or the local Bersih chapter (pass around a hat at the event).
iv) Team-building amongst Bersih XYZ City active members.
v) Getting the word out to locals in XYZ City.

2) The format of the event should be as simple as possible while achieving the goals above. Also remember to stay within what is possible given your resources locally: Don’t get burned out, we need you for the long haul. Your event could be anything ranging from a traditional rally with banners and posters (and flyers for passers-by) to a picnic in a park to a simple photo shoot, or even an indoor dinner event. Use your creativity and do share your ideas with others via the City Coordinators’ list.

3) Check local legal requirements for organizing rallies/gatherings and ensure that they are met. In some countries, a police declaration or permit is required; however, this may not be necessary for simple events such as photo shoots and picnics with small numbers of people.

4) Create a Facebook page announcing your event and send the link to the Global Bersih ( Please check the Global Bersih Facebook page (, the Facebook Bersih 5 Links to all Global Locations ( and the Global Bersih website ( to make sure that the information about your event is correct. Then spread the word amongst your contacts. Besides individual Malaysians and Malaysian associations, you may wish to inform and invite local civil society actors and NGOs (including human rights groups and other ASEAN diaspora groups) as well as the Malaysian embassy/high commission/consulate. You could also invite local NGOs to co-sponsor your event. (To get some ideas, you could look through the list of Bersih 2.0 constituent NGOs to see if any ‘sister’ organisations exist in your country. Example: The Bersih 2 and 3 in Paris were co-sponsored by the Paris-based FIDH, of which SUARAM is a member.)

5) Please read Global Bersih ( and Bersih 2.0 ( press releases and other documentation about Bersih 5 to enable you to respond to press enquiries. You may also wish to inform local press about your event through a simple press release. Please pass on any press contacts that you have to Global Bersih ( to be included in our press mailing list.

6) Prior to the rally/gathering, please make an estimate of the likely number of participants. This information will be useful when responding to inquiries from the press.

7) On the day itself, gather at the venue and assign someone to do a headcount of participants. Please submit the number to Global Bersih ( immediately after the event to enable a tally of global participants to be compiled rapidly.

8) Please take some pictures or videos of the rally/gathering. Upload your photos to your FB (event) page and also send them to Global Bersih at We will be sharing a public link for all to view the photos/videos. For those sending photos rather than a link (to a FB album for example) please try not to exceed three photos with 640×480 pixel resolution.

9) Please collect names and email addresses (and perhaps phone numbers) of the participants in a sign-up sheet and share the data with Global Bersih ( to be included in the Global Bersih supporters’ database and/or your local mailing list. If the participants choose not to share their contact details, it is advised that the contact details of city coordinators and Global Bersih be given out to them. (This can be included in your flyers given out to passers-by.)

10) After the event, please write a brief report describing your event (format, headcount, ambiance, presence of local partners or personalities, your plans for follow-up etc.) and send it to the Global Bersih secretariat as soon as possible ( (You can send the headcount in first with the full report to follow a little later.) In your report, please also note any signs of threats or intimidation from any source – either before, during or after your event. It is important to document these incidents (date, time, location, source if known and any other details) and expose them. Photos and videos of any incidents, if available, would also be very helpful. Global Bersih has made statements on such incidents in the past and will continue to protect the anonymity of those who report them as well as the victims.

11) Any funds collected for Global Bersih during your event can be channelled to Global Bersih. Please email Global Bersih details of the collected funds ( Your financial support is essential to keep Global Bersih running.