B5 Communication process for City Coordinators

As we get closer to November 19th 2016, we anticipate more cities to sign up to participate.

So to help you to support City Coordinators, we have set up the suggested communication process to assist you so you know where to go to get info on B5 preparation.

1) Please read updates that Secretariat will be sending out regularly.

2) Please check GB Facebook page where we post useful items for CCs


3) Check GB website where we have set up a tab on Bersih 5 to upload necessary templates, news, information on B5 etc etc.


  This tab will updated as we firm up details.

4) Attend GB’s B5 preparatory conference calls when notified to get updates and clarification

5) Fadiahnadwa9@gmail.com is the GB point of contact, so you can direct your emails to her if the above 4 sources, does not provide you the answers you are looking for

6) When all the above 5 sources do not answer your question, then contact the GB Steering Committee members based in different cities.