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8 thoughts on “Bersih 5 City Call Out

  1. Shanthi Shum

    Hello. Saw bersih 4 organised in Ho Chi Minh (Hcm). Is there anyone organizing for Bersih 5? Preferably in Hanoi.

    1. bala

      Hi Sharnti,
      We have no rep in Hcm city.
      Perhaps you can contact who might be interested to join you on Saturday. Take a photo and fwd to GB.
      Good luck.

  2. Zan

    I like to join in ho chi minh city also, lets come

    1. Fadiah Nadwa

      Hi Zan, we don’t have rep in Ho Chi Minh. Would you be able to organize one? Take a photo and email it to us.

  3. Yip Kam Sim

    I live in south west Germany. Is a Bersih 5 there ? My best regard.

  4. Ming Ming

    Could you please post information for the rally in London?

  5. Sidek

    Hi, I m Sidek, in shaa Allah we organising BERSIH Istanbul Turkey at 0700 GMT 19.11

  6. Sher Rynn

    Where is Bersih 5 in Washington DC ?

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